Silicon Valley (Battle between Intellectual people & Invisible bugs )

Outside of the dark, cricket insects are buzzing loudly.  Scattered dogs are barking out of the street. Tube Light is on and its glowing in the room inside of the house. A little bug was slowly crawling over the man lying on the bed. One thousand bugs followed the 1st  bug and slowly approaching him. Bugs are screaming and loudly saying “Jira Jira.”  There is another loud voice saying  “Did you update the bug status in jira?”


Santosh had suddenly woken up from the bed. The laptop opened on the table. Slack messages are popping up. He realized that it was his bad dream. Slowly he moved over to the Laptop table and closed the laptop. He picked the water bottle from the fritz and drank water fully without having a single drop in the bottle.


Time 10 o’clock in the morning IST. Everyone is rushing to attend the standup meeting. Santosh parked the bike in a parking lot and running to participate in the Standup-meeting.   While running, Santosh saw Kamalesh and asked “Hey Kamal! Where is the meeting” Kamalesh replied and stared at him with a serious look  “ Hey Santosh ! you didn’t see Outlook calendar?  Always you ask me when there is any meeting”. Both walked into the 15 mins standup meeting along with other team members.

Everyone was standing in the meeting room even though chairs are freely available. The team is updating the activities, which are completed last day and also updating the on-going tasks. The manager listening to the updates and is asking,” did you guys update the bug status in Jira? “.

Santosh recollected his last nightmare about the bugs and Jeera status. 15 minute planned stand-up meeting went extended like a TV serial. An hour later, the manager realized and softly said “Give us the rest of the updates at 12 o clock meeting,”  and went to the cafeteria for having machine made coffee.

Keyboards are making some noise across the floor.  Santosh finally started writing Java code and put his headphones on. Slack messages were popping up from the Team lead Siddu saying  “Hey guys  Code Review Meeting is there right now, Be Prepared and come for the meeting.”  All Developers stopped the current work and rushed to the informal and unplanned meeting conducted by Team lead Siddu.

The code review meeting is going on. The Code Review Team concluded that none of the developers were following coding standards and not doing unit testing. “We can not complete this project next 50 years unless we address all these bugs” and testers always find faults us,” said Varma, who joined recently and always he refers his previous company’s coding standards and best practices and tries to adopt all policies in his new company. Developers kept quiet and listening to the lead .

Time 12:15 PM.  Code Review team members joined 10 minutes late for the 12 pm meeting. The manager also joined late from his previous session. Manager kicked off the 12 pm meeting at 12: 15. Discussion started on Code Reviews, testing bugs and so on for two hours. Then manager realized and said, “Oh Time is 2:15 pm, guys we all grab lunch quickly and discuss again “. Finally, the meeting ended after 2 hours.

Everyone from the team went to the Cafeteria and grabbed the lunch and had some chit chats. After lunch developers and testers get together for a meeting.

Testing Lead Thaman started the speech about the developers. “Developers are simply updating the bug status to “Fixed,“ but not fixing our identified bugs. We are always getting repetitive bugs when we do after fix testing”. The developer team lead replied and said  “ No your test cases are not accurate, Please correct them first” and then blame developers”  They took two more hours to discuss on the bugs and finally ended up meeting at 4 pm.

Santosh turned the headphones on again and fixing the code review bugs. ******************* ********

Time 6 am PST. Slack messages are popping up on the mobile.  Vikas woke up suddenly from the bed. He wants to check his whats app messages, but slack messages are pushed back the WhatsApp messages and laughing at Vikas. Vikas opened the slack messages and felt uneasy and sighs. “Offshore guys are always like this only”  he checked the outlook calendar and realized there is a standup meeting at 9 am. Immediately he rushed to the bathroom for getting ready. Then he picked the honey bunches of oats and mixed with 2% reduced fat milk and decided that coffee will have at the office.

He took the car key and shocked to see there is limited gas in the car. He is confident that gas works till office, so will fill the gas while going home after office hours “ and started driving to the office with an almost empty gas.

Time 9 am PST.

The offshore and on-site groups started the discussion in the stand-up meeting. The project manager is screaming and loudly saying “Project Release is in another three weeks, so we need to fix all development issues and followed by regression testing. Will you guys make it on time”. Few people replied “Yes,” someone is not agreed with the other team members about the go-live date. The discussion is going on… Finally, the project manager left the meeting and pulled chairs to the room and declared “ there is no standup meeting from now onwards” we will sit and discuss.” Other team members sat on the available chairs, and some team members pulled the chairs outside of the room.

******************* ********

After two weeks, finally, developers had fixed the bugs. Status in the Jira is shining with green. UAT started by users are found no critical bugs. So they concluded and loudly said, “GO GO GO” for the Production move. Top Management is very happy because the big project will be live in a few more days. Developers and tests are thoroughly tired of fixing bugs and regression testings.

The d-day (deployment day) has come.  The project manager had arranged Pizzas and sandwiches for the team to make them secure. The code is being moved into production. Deployment process watches by few other country stakeholders are exciting. All the code has been moved into production without having any bugs. Everyone is in celebration mode, as ISRO’/NASA scientists celebrate after the launch of the rockets …

******************* ********

Developers are in a little tense and sadly thinking about the post production bugs… “how many weekends are we miss again post production…”…

Days are going on….Years are moving on… Developers are writing the code and fixing the bugs….Testers are finding more bugs and updating Jira…..Standup meetings are transformed into Sit-up meetings. However, War is going on to tackle the bugs…

Intellectual team in the silicon valley is always fights with the Invisible bugs to make a bug free product.

***************************************************** ************************** Prasad Oruganti (a tiny Silicon piece in Silicon Valley)


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