The Proposal (A ‘Cloud’ based love story)

Manoj and Esha are in love and decided to marry. 

Hey Manoj  , “You know right! my parents should know about our love chapter and  they are the decision makers for our marriage” said Esha. “Yes Esha , I am aware of that, however my parents knew about our love story. I spoke to them on phone last week. So I am so confident that  I have a capacity to convince your parents on our marriage. I will handle it completely. Don’t worry” replied Manoj.

 Anyhow I am going to India right now, so I will go to your parents’ house ,talk to them and explain our long love story. Definitely they will accept our marriage proposal when I start presenting our love story to them,” confidently laughed by Manoj. 

“Hey Esha, one more thing. Don’t call to your parents and tell them I am coming to India and meet them. So that it will be a big surprise for them and also its thrilling for me” said  Manoj and laughed confidently.

Finally Manoj landed in  India, The day has come to meet Esha parents. With his overconfidence on presentation and convincing skills,  he never prepared what to talk to her parents. He  polished the shoes nicely and picked tea short and Jeans to wear initially, but finally decided to wear formal dress. 

He opened the Uber app on his phone and set Esha’s parents address. Uber car reached his house after 20 mins. Finally he started to go his fiancée’s parents’ house.

After struggling with heavy traffic on the road, Manoj reached his destination. Manoj knocked the Door with confidence, but no reply from inside. He saw calling bell trigger right side of the door. He pressed the calling bell twice. Tring..Tring…Finally someone opened the Door


Esha’s dad opened the Door. Manoj got shocked and sweated unknowingly  when he saw Esha’s father.

Esha’s father: You are Manoj right, Come Inside.

Manoj: Yeah…Uncle.. I ammmmmm Manoj. (with low voice)

Esha’s Father: Come and Sit down here, do you have coffee/Tea/soda anything?

Manoj: No Thanks.. Unnnncle. (with low voice and legs shivering.)

Esha’s Father: Whats up man, How z the work and what’s the purpose of visit here.

Manoj: Work is good sir, I just wanted to say Hi  to you and go…

Esha’s Father: Oh!, Is it? you came here to say Hi to me and go. That’s it?, Fine. Have a tea and snacks and go home.

Manoj: Uncleeeee….(with low voice) , ( later make it little bigger).. Uncle…

Esha’s father: What, tell me man!  is there anything to talk to me other than Hai/Hello?

Manoj: (Tense inside): No… uncle…Yes… Uncle….want to talk to you. (with Low voice)

Esha’s father: Oh, Oaky. Tell me Manoj.

Manoj:  …ZZZZUORA…and me

(Blank Face…Unable to speak, but some stammering words) 

Esha’s father: Who is she , ZUoRa is Eesha’s friend? What happened to Zuora?, is she alright?

Manoj: Sorry uncle..…Not ZZZZOURA, DDDDDocusign….(with stammering words.)

Esha’s father: who is He, DocuSign is a boy? What are you trying to say me about Zuora Girl and DocuSign Boy?  Both are your friends? Or Esha’s friends?…Come on….Manoj!.. What do you want to  tell me with that boy and girl?

Manoj: No sir.. No Zuora.. No Docusign……me and  (No words……sweating …unable to speak….)

Esha’s father: Then ! Do you want to tell some other thing?  and laughed immediately at Manoj

I know Manoj. Esha spoke to me last week about your trip and your love story, I hope you came here to talk about your marriage right.. he asked loudly?

Manoj: smiles and Yes sir…no…Uncle, we both are in love and decided to marry. Now I came here to talk about this only. But I didn’t get words when I see you, don’t know the reason….

Esha’s Mother: smiles, hey Manoj…Have a coffee and relax.

Eesha’s Parents: We accepted and Approved , will talk to your parents and lets see the idle date for your marrage..

Manoj: completely relaxed and called to Esha. Hey Eesha’s I spoke to your parents and convinced. You know how did I convince your dad to get approved.

Esha: Oh Really….I know everything… talked about Zuora and Docusign only  with my dad, not about our love. 

Manoj: %%^%^*&**(*(*(*(*(*&&(*))

The proposal has been reviewed, approved and signed by all parties…The deal has been CLOSED WON.


Written by Prasad Oruganti.


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